Financial Coaching - Start Here

Welcome to the reference library for the Financial Coaching Program.  Through this website, you can access well over 400 documents, as well as links to videos, websites and documents hosted by other organizations.

Note: PLEASE do not share with anyone, including your coaching client, the link to this resource page or any links to the documents. Instead, PLEASE download any document you wish to use and save a copy to your computer.  You can then either print out and share the document with your coaching client, or send an electronic copy to him or her.  This website is EXCLUSIVELY for the use of Accounting Aid Society coaches -- not the clients.

In order to make the best use of this library, the best place to start is with the two links below.  

The first link is an outline as to how the library is laid out (i.e., how are the documents organized).  The second link is a .pdf of an Excel spreadsheet that tells you which documents are available for each section of the outline (as well as identifying the source and when the document was added to the library).  We recommend you print out these two documents and keep them handy, to facilitate finding documents you think might be useful in your coaching sessions with your clients.  (The outline and spreadsheet are color coded with the corresponding subsections below).

Financial Coaching Prezi Presentation

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