How to Complete Pre-Work

1. Click “START HERE: STEP 1 - Click Here to learn about the - Accounting Aid Society - Learning Portal - InSync Central”

Please note: This picture shows the blue badge training path page. It will look different depending on your badge color.

2. Click the green "START LEARNING NOW" button. This will take you to the first item listed below, which is "Download your Participant Guide." 

3. Scroll down in the text box. Click the blue text link that says "Download your participant guide." This will open a download box on the bottom of your screen. It is now saved to your Downloads folder. 

4. Select the next pre-work item, "Welcome to your InSync central introductory lesson." Here you will scroll through the box and learn about to use the online training platform. 

5. Select the next pre-work item, "Download Form 13615." Follow the instructions on the bottom of the screen to download, fill in, save, and upload. Be sure to include your full name in the space provided, then submit!

6. Select the next pre-work item, "Download Form 13614c." Download this to your computer by clicking it. This is the client intake form. You do not need to complete this form now, but have it handy to practice with during training. 

7. Select the next pre-work item, "Complete Michigan Criminal History Search Consent Form." Click the link in the text to the left. This will take you to a Google Form that you need to complete and submit.

All volunteers must complete this authorization annually. 

You have now completed Step 1 (pre-work)!

Your next step is to enroll in your chosen cohort (blue or yellow badge only).


Please note you are not registered for training until you enroll in your chosen training dates.

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